Take the FORTIX Challenge
The FORTIX Challenge gives you the opportunity to see FORTIX in action, and it rewards you for doing so. Let us know how FORTIX stacks up against untreated acres or competitive fungicides, and participating retailers and growers will receive a special edition FORTIX baseball cap and the chance to win one of 5 prize packages containing a new iPad Air and 2.5 gallons of FORTIX .

How do I register?
Click here to register for the FORTIX Challenge and a Cheminova or Arysta LifeScience sales representative will contact you directly.

What is required to qualify?
FORTIX Challenge locations have to apply at least 50 acres of FORTIX at a rate of 5 fl oz per acre to a corn or soybean field and compare to an untreated area or competitive fungicide in the same field.

To receive a reward, each FORTIX Challenge location will be required to submit the following information by December 1, 2014:

  • Retailer contact name, company name, address and phone number
  • Grower name, address, phone number and field location
  • Application date and growth stage of the crop (for both FORTIX and comparison treatment)
  • Application method (i.e. ground or aerial)
  • Custom or Grower applied
  • Tank-mix partners (i.e. surfactants, herbicides or insecticides) for FORTIX and comparison treatment
  • FORTIX and comparison treatment use rates
  • Comments (i.e. likes, dislikes, pictures)
  • Collection of yield data with a yield monitor on both the FORTIX treated and the untreated or competitive product acres in the same field